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Task: I want you to read four articles about grammar and teaching writing, and I want you to argue that grammar does or doesn’t improve writing. I know that you are not a writing instructor, so use the articles you will read to give you insights into the effectiveness of grammar in teaching writing. 

Genre: Argumentative Essay — it’s always a good idea to go to the Writing Project Genre Glossary (see tab in the “Content Area Panel” of Bb): It lists the situation/purpose, content/form and language/design of the genre we use. Please review the glossary entry for an argumentative essay and integrate the points into your work. The key aspect of an argumentative essay is that it helps fair-minded people who have a difference of opinion about an issue resolve the issue. Also, writing an argumentative essay allows you to share your opinions and ideas about an issue, whether while you are in college or when you leave WIU. 

Language: The language should be Standard Academic English. 

Consequences: Writing has effects in the world – with your argumentative essay, you could change the way an instructor teaches, which would be a “local” change, or you could change the way thousands of schools teach writing, which is more of a “global” change. 

Process: You must quote at least 3 of the authors while composing at least four “I agrees” and two “I disagree.” 

Formatting: Typed; Times New Roman, 12 pitch, double-spaced, 1” margins. Use of MLA in-text citation formatting. 

The goals of this assignment are to go beyond summary and synthesis to argument. Based on the premises of They Say/I Say, you will take a position on the efficacy of teaching grammar in writing classes. Further, this assignment introduces you to ongoing arguments in academia. 

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