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Your job is to visit two websites and write short (one page per website) reflection papers. However, these ESOL activities will give you 20%. So please browse through the websites and please make sure that you have at least one page response per website. 

ACTIVITY NO. 1 Visit at least five links on the following webpage: (Links to an external site.)

Read about various ways to accommodate learning disabilities in the classroom. Then, select two ideas you would like to try and implement in an educational setting. Discuss why you selected these and how you might go about implementing them activities. Please have at least one written page for this activity. Make sure that your responses are informative, interesting, and creative.

ACTIVITY NO. 2 Read and analyze this website.  

a) (Links to an external site.)

Please reflect on strategies for children with disabilities that are presented in this website. Write a short reaction/reflection paper. What did you learn from the websites? Again, please make sure that you have at least one page for Activity No. 2 


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