Equity valuation | Accounting homework help

 Use data from Yahoo!Finance, Google Finance, Bloomberg, the company’s annual report, and other public
data to complete the following.   

Assignment: Using the Bloomberg Equity Valuation example, complete the following tasks for the
target company and its competitors.    

SUMMARY REPORT MUST INCLUDE (narrative with supporting charts and graphs; no more than
10 pages):  

(1)  Executive Summary (5 pts). (Total of 1 page)
(2)  Overview of Companies (20 pts). Summarize the following (No more than 3 pages):
a) Each company’s market share or market position in the industry/sector.
b) Each company’s stock performance  
c) Analyst’s Opinion on Buy or Sell  
d) Your recommendation and rationale about your assigned company’s future outlook  
(3)  Stock Price Trend (20 pts). One page per company  
a. Create a graph of the monthly stock prices for your assigned company compared to the S&P
500 over a ten year period starting on January 1 until September 30 of the tenth year.  
b. Compare and contrast the stock trends.
c. Discuss any spikes in stock price volatility. 

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