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Write an essay in which you answer one of the questions below.

How does Robert Ray’s theory about outlaw and official heroes apply to the film?  How is the protagonist a two-sided character, both an outlaw and official hero?  Who works against the protagonist?  Why do American audience members empathize with hero’s outlaw nature?  In your essay, be sure to include definitions specific to Ray’s theory and to carefully consider the various traits the author assigns to these two hero types.

  1. Explain how the film’s protagonist fits Linda Seger’s definition of hero.  Discuss how his experiences compare to the hero’s journey outlined in Seger’s essay.  Why do audience members empathize with the journey of this particular hero?  Do any other myths Seger highlights apply to the film?  What archetypal characters are present in the film?  How do they help or hinder the hero in his quest?

The protagonist refers to the main character of the story, the individual who undergoes a change in the story (in Hollywood lingo, the lead actor).  Be sure to write an essay that focuses primarily on the protagonist, not on other supporting characters though you should discuss how other characters contribute to your understanding of the hero myth illustrated in this film.

Don’t let the “pro” in protagonist fool you.  The protagonist can be either a “good guy or bad guy” An antagonist may actually be someone society considers a “good guy,” someone who follows the rules.

  • Be sure to define all key terms.
  • Select and integrate appropriate quotations from the above readings.
  • Describe all relevant scenes, dialogue, and characters from the film.
  • Do not assume that your reader has seen the film before.

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