English 101 college – need min of 700 words essay – ” compare and

Need in 36 hours MAX!!… Need Essay of Min 700 words Compare and Contrast viewpoints on the value of college.


Outside research of 4 sources is required and noted 


For this paper , we will introduce the concept of introducing the concept of using outside research,Must include information about a major college issue ( statistics, expert opinions, etc. ), In the essay. you will use the research to identify areas of similiarilty and differences in the arguments on this issue, and build a compare/ contrast structure that shows those similiarilities and differences through the use of examples.


For instance, you might focus on the perceived benefits and drawbacks of college in a few specific ways. Overall youu want to come to a conclusion about whether college is worth the cost, in order to make your comparison/contrasts mean something.


GOALS: Select specific arguments about college to compare and contrast, using research to support your points.

                Make a judgement about whether college is worth it.

                Factor in comments from your classmates from peer review.

                Use strong conventions of grammer and sentance sructur throughout

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