Engl101 unit 2: article review worksheet


                            Unit 2: Article Review worksheet (800 words)  

Article Review : Select an article from the list on the assignment based on your interests. Type the title of the article here.


 my article was Law & Order Rough State Unit :


 Read the article , pay close attention to the main idea . supporting details  and whether or not the article is effective. You will want to consider whether the of the article is successful at meeting the intended goal in writing the article.


Thesis Statement: Identify  the thesis statement in this article.


Main Point(s)

In your own words summarize the main point or points of the article that support the thesis statement.


Supporting Detail: In your words, summarize the supporting details that are presented to support the main points in the article:



After reading the article and identifying the thesis statement, the main point (s) and supporting details, discuss the following in 6-8 sentence.


* Is the article effective

* Does the author archive  the tended goal in writing the article ?

*In what way could the article be improve.


Please assistance with your assignment ,Please use your text , web sources and all course material


This is the Reference he gave for the topic you will be writing, you could include the rest if any.


Wittmeyer, A. ( 2014,May 5). Law & Order: Rogue state Unit.

Retrieved from the foreign  policy   website:

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