Eng 1272 mod 2 memo jm



TO: John Taylor

FROM: Sonya Love

DATE: 13th June 2021

SUBJECT: Investigative Report on United Nations Youth Volunteers (UNV)

As a youth seeking to pursue a career in research and sustainable development, I am working towards improving my experience and add on to my knowledge on how to attain sustainable development and social equity in the world. The United Nations Youth Volunteers (UNV) is a section of the United Nations dedicated to providing youths with volunteer opportunities to allow them to apply knowledge learnt in class and also enable them to experience the real work environment while striving to address sustainable and societal issues affecting various vulnerable groups in the society. With this in mind and wanting to volunteer with UNV, I have taken it upon myself to research to better understand how UNV functions. Specifically, the research will address the following issues:

· The existing volunteer opportunities in UNV. 

· How to become a youth volunteer with UNV. 

· The benefits of volunteering with UNV. 

The purpose of this report is to provide you with a brief summary of how UNV functions. Being my mentor, this information will enable you to draft a good recommendation letter that will be relevant to my application as a volunteer at UNV. The recommendation letter will also boost my application as it will highlight my skills and abilities relevant to the existing volunteer opportunities. 

Existing Volunteer Opportunities at UNV

UNV mainly offers volunteer opportunities in the fields of peacekeeping, sustainable development, and community development depending on the existing tasks. Volunteers seek to better the lives of community members and also help in solving present and future challenges.

How to Become a Youth Volunteer with UNV

UNV is open to youth volunteers aged between 18 and 29byears old. Usually, the assignments vary depending on the job requirements. Therefore, education background and work experience also various and this allows individuals with zero to two years of work experience to apply. Once an assignment requiring youth volunteers is advertised, interested candidates are required to apply for them through the UN job portal. In addition, the individual should have an interest in enhancing sustainable development and conducting community work in his/her country or abroad. 

The Benefits of Volunteering with UNV

Volunteering with UNV will allow youths to build on their skills and interact with community members while handling field assignments. This will boost their confidence and also boost their CVs. 

UNV volunteers also enjoy monthly stipends and this boosts the financial status of youths. In addition, the youths can choose to conveniently work online, physically, or travel to the country they want to volunteer in and this expounds their thinking and perspectives about the world. 

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