Emerging media | Financial markets homework help



Think about (and research) the following questions: 

  • Something I don’t Know” – Research an emerging social media channel not discussed in the textbook (e.g. TikTok, HouseParty, Vero, … etc.)
    • What are its key characteristics (e.g. number of users, user demographics)?
    • What new trends/features are available (i.e. how does it work)?
    • What kind of visuals does the site use compared to others?
    • What’s a typical post look like?
    • What are some examples of brands using this channel?
    • What is the significance/impact of this platform on social media marketing strategy?
  • What happens when a social media platform expands its audience (e.g. Houseparty from the article above)?
  • ???? Fill in the Blank: Would _________________ brand (the more random the better) use platform ______________? Why or why not?

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