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Help with the paper below. Due 05/07/15 – no work cited from wikipedia no plagirism.



Your role: You are a new online college student and you are requesting possible tuition reimbursement compensation from your employer.  Write a one page persuasive memo to your boss or immediate supervisor and the director of human resources at your place of employment explaining the situation; persuade these important people in a diplomatic, formal style memo why you feel you deserve this benefit. Make sure they understand what online higher education is and why it has the same value as a face to face “on ground” university degree.  

Your strategy:

  • Introduce and/or provide background information for the main idea of this memo
  • Use clear and concise sentences or bulleted reasons for persuading these people
  • Highlight the benefits to you, them and the company if they grant your request
  • Conclude by stating exactly what you want done, by when, and restate a key benefit

General Guidelines: 

  • You may use a memo template from Word, if you wish, but please save as a PDF before submitting to ensure your formatting remains intact.
  • See information about memos and sample memo in Workplace Writing text.
  • You may use headings for the different sections of your memo.
  • If you are not presently employed, use a fictitious employer.
  • Try to keep the length of this memo to one page (only this assignment is to be single spaced).
  • There is no need to submit a cover page, abstract or references page due to the nature of this assignment.

The paper should be well-written, formatted according APA  and approximately 1 page in length.


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