Edmg600# 1000 word weeks 1-2 written assignment



Weeks 1-2 Written Assignment (submit here as single MS Word file)

· Part 1 (refer to Week 1 Readings in the Lessons for Week 1)

o Provide an aprox. 1000-word in-depth evaluation of three articles of your choice from the Week 1 Reading List.

§ What are the strengths and weaknesses of each?

§ What is the most and lest persuasive premise, claim or rebuttal?

o Conclude with a research or policy question for further research

o You must utilize literature and cite properly. Use style.APA

· Part 2 

o (Title each response with the text of each question)

o Has U.S. federal government developed a robust legal, regulatory and policy framework to address cyber security challenges? Why? Why not?

o Conclude with a research question or policy question for further research.

o You must utilize APA  (cite, reference, list) required Week 2 Readings.

· Submit both Parts as single Microsoft Word document.

· Name the file “EDMG600Weeks1-2_YourLastName.doc/x” (e.g., EDMG600Week1-2_Pesic.doc/x).

· Upload the document under Weeks1-2 Assignments.

My last week assignment bellow:

  1. Conclude with a research or policy question for further research.

Is cyberwar upon us and application of mixed method in developing a cyber terrorism framework .





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