E-commerce project – mysql | Applied Sciences homework help


E-Commerce is the activity of buying or selling products through online services or over the Internet. The e-commerce market has changed the way business is transacted, whether in retail or business-to-business, locally or globally.

The dataset of this project is from an online store, which includes product information and customer transaction records from 2016 to 2018. The ultimate goal of the company is to improve the sales. In this project, you’re supposed to find out the online shopping behaviors of the customers and make marketing suggestions for the store in order to increase the customers’ life-time value to the company.


The dataset has 7 tables, which include customer transaction information for each order and the product information:


onlineshop_orders_items.sql: one order can contain more than one item.

onlineshop_orders.sql: ‘fulfilled’ indicates the order was completed.

onlineshop_products_sku.sql: ‘sku’ represent stock keeping unit, which is used to track inventory in the store.


onlineshop_traffic.sql: page_views: each time a user visits a web page, it is called a page view; sessions: a session is a group of user interactions with your website that take place within a given time frame; avg_session_in_s: average seconds in one session.

onlineshop_transactions.sql: status success indicates the transaction was completed.


The objective of this E-Commerce project is to test your SQL skills as well as data analytics skills. Firstly, because the dataset is in .sql format, you will need to load the dataset into MySQL Workbench. Make sure to create a schema first, the sql files are for individual tables. Feel free to utilize visualizations and research material to support your responses to some of the tasks and questions. Also, remember to show your calculations.

  1. Describe the relationship between each table.
  2. Find the Product type, Product style and SKU number for each product. (You may join different tables together to get your proper result)
  3. What’s the total number of orders for each product type? What’s the most popular product type?
  4. What are the monthly total sales and monthly total orders? How about the total orders for each product over time?
  5. How about traffic over time e.g. page views, and sessions? Do you see any relationship between traffic and orders over time?
  6. Select and calculate important business metrics, e.g. churn rate, retention rate, conversion rate. Justify your selection and explain and interpret the result.
  7. The goal for almost all companies is to boost sales. With that in mind, based on the metrics that you calculated, what business suggestions are you able to provide in order to achieve the goal.


  • 4 pages minimum. The cover page and reference page/s are not included in the above-stated page requirement.
  • Papers need to be formatted in proper APA 7th Edition style.
  • A minimum of at least three outside peer-reviewed sources for your references.

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