Due today … 7 hours … english watch movie

this is due in 7 hours 

watch the movie :  

https://www.hulu.com/movie/homeroom-oakland-trilogy-3ba54579-20da-4d8d-9639-6210038d5494 (Links to an external site.)). Unless you have a perfect memory, you will want to take notes while you’re watching. Sometimes even texting yourself is a good form of notes! You do not need to watch it as long as you can do the following: 

Once you’ve watched the film and reviewed your notes, decide what you think the thesis — the main claim — of this film is. What is it trying to communicate to its viewers? Next, choose one scene that you feel has key importance for the overall rhetorical appeal and message of the film. It doesn’t have to be one that encapsulates the film’s ‘message’ — it can just be a scene (remember, a scene is action in a film or play that takes place in one location between the same characters, so it usually isn’t very long) that you feel demonstrates the filmmakers’ rhetorical style or strategies. 

write a paragraph describing this scene and how you feel it has key importance for the film. Be sure to use specific examples, not only of language used but of visual and aural cues like music, sound effects, camera angles, etc.

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