Drawing using perspective. | Architecture and Design homework help

 Create ONE drawing using using linear perspective AND atmospheric perspective. This must be by hand and not using a computer tool. You must also include one type of object (tree, person, building) that is repeated at different distances (size differentiation).  You may choose any subject (landscapes/cityscapes work well) and use any medium (pen, pencil, watercolor, et al.). You must also identify in a short paragraph (100 – 200 words) where the vanishing point is and how you created atmospheric perspective (use of shades of color and clarity to create the illusion of depth – see p. 84). You will not be graded on artistic ability but on how well you met the requirements stated above. Please turn in ONE word document with an inserted picture of your drawing and a short paragraph (100 – 200 words) that notes the location of the Vanishing Point  and how you created Atmospheric Perspective (both terms must be printed in BOLD). 

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