Dont need | Psychology homework help

Choose one peer-reviewed empirical article in psychology. In 1-2 double-spaced pages, answer these questions in complete sentences.

  1.  Introduction 
    1. Who wrote the article and in which journal was it published?
    2. What was the research question or hypothesis (some studies will have more than one)?
    3. What background information was cited that led to the formation of this question?
  2. Method 
    1. Who were the participants, and how were they recruited?
  3. Results 
    1. What were the main findings of the study?
    2. Do these results address the research question?
  4. Discussion 
    1. What conclusions did the author draw from the results? Are the conclusions justified based on the results?
    2. How do these findings relate to the literature (e.g., do they confirm earlier studies? Contradict? Raise new questions?)?

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