Does doing the morally right thing ever make a person’s life worse

Choose ONE of the prompts below as the basis for a clear argumentative and critical essay demonstrating your understanding of what we have considered thus far in our Ethics course. The essay should be MLA – formatted and should have a minimum of six (6 ) well – developed paragraphs, including the introduction, three substantive body paragraphs, and a thought – provoking conclusion. This should amount to around four (3) MLA – formatted pages. Include a Work Cited for your textbook. You should have an explicit thesis statement which states your essential claim. Stay in 3 rd – person formal point – of – view (no “I,” “you,” “we”). Provide a meaningful title for the essay, as well, which captures the overall significance of the analysis. As you make your argument, you will need to demonstr ate your careful attention to “E thics and the Examined Life” and “Theories of Morality,” in particular. You will need to include applicable quotes and/or references to material we have encountered bot h in our readings and class discussions. Also, refer to your notes from class. You can use your book as a source, but you are not expected to include any other secondary sources. Proof your essay c arefully. Submit your final essay as a MLA – formatted Word document into the respective assignment folder on the D2L course site. will scan all essays. The professor will use the following rubric: • Accurate use of English including careful documentation (including ability to paraphrase and use quotations, MLA – formatting) and good organizational plan. 35 pts. • Adequate details to support thesis 20 pts. • Accurate and complete reflection and analysis of material read for assignment 45 pts. Writing Prompt: Does doing the morally right thing ever make a person’s life worse off than doing the wrong thing? 

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