Dissertation final study chapters 4 and 5 | CRJS 9000 – Dissertation | Walden University

This is the final two chapters of my dissertation. I have attached my consent form and invitational email that was sent out. I also have attached some of my interview participants answers. I can add to the rest of them once this is completed. 

 This is module directives as to what chapters 4 and 5 are.

After the IRB application has been approved, students conduct their research, collect and analyze data, report findings, and draw conclusions. With the guidance of the committee, students write the remaining chapters or sections of the capstone as well as the document abstract. The Final Study is evaluated to ensure doctoral-level work (e.g., accurate results, alignment, etc.) by the committee chair, second committee member, and a university research reviewer. Students complete the form and style review process and an oral defense. The Final Study stage culminates in the Chief Academic Officer (CAO) designee review process. CAO approval is required for capstone completion.

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