Discussion topic 1 sci/163t: elements of health and wellness wk 1 | SCI163 Elements Of Health And Wellness | University of Phoenix


Discussion Topic

The initial post is due on Wednesday and needs to be a minimum of 175 words.  

Week 1 questions:

Nutrition is often talked about in everyday pop culture. Nutrition science, however, is not always part of the conversation.

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Discuss some examples of nutrition that you see brought up in everyday experiences. These examples can be from blogs, social media, current events, television, magazines, etc.
  • How many of those examples are supported by knowledge from nutrition science?  
  • How can you determine credible information?  Discuss some criteria for determining credible information. What should you look for as red flags when trying to determine if information is credible or not?  
  • Why are people willing to believe information that may not be scientifically proven?

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