Discussion: rocket and missile programs

Nazi Germany developed sophisticated rockets and missiles during the second World War. In the early Cold War, the German rocket and missile programs assisted the United States and the Soviet Union to develop their own programs.

For this activity, explore rocket and missile programs of the past for the United States and the Soviet Union and of today’s multitude of international countries and private companies. Use information from a credible source and use your new knowledge to compare and contrast these past programs of the United States and Soviet duopoly with the multitude of international countries and private companies involved today in rocket and missile programs.

Using one of the news websites from the provided list, (Any major news source, BBC, NPR, FOX, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times) search for a current news story/event that demonstrates a chosen area of aviation over time for this assignment. Your current news selection must be within the last 180 days. Examine the news story or event, reflect, and consider all aspects and viewpoints the author provides.

In your initial post (must be 150 words), show a clear connection between the news story/event and the course materials. If there is no connection to course materials, you will lose 40 points. State the title of the news story and include the link so that others can access the story. You may apply any lens you wish to use when constructing this assignment: historic, scientific, technological, engineering, or math. Summarize the story and explain the cause and effect relationships for your chosen area (lens) of aviation for this assignment. 

Be sure to use an in-text citation at the end of each sentence where you have linked to the course materials (textbook) and any other source you cite (your article and outside source). Include all source information for your article, outside source(s), and the textbook in a reference area following your work. For correct formatting of citations and references, please refer to the current APA manual or the APA Style website.

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