Discussion question week 3 concepts of teaching


Post your initial response to one of the two topics below.

Topic 1

Reflect on a lesson you would like to teach to a friend or family member.

  • Determine the level of your learning objectives using Bloom’s taxonomy.
  • Construct three learning objectives containing appropriate active verbs.
  • Identify a possible teaching strategy for each of your objectives.
  • Indicate how you plan to measure each objective.

Click here to download an organizer.

Topic 2

You have been assigned to teach a class using gaming, in which 75% of the students are from a particular ethnic group (you decide the content area, class size, and ethnic group).

  • Choose the topic and take into account the ethnic group’s special needs.
  • Describe your approach
    • Include details regarding the assumed characteristics of the ethnic group.
  • Identify the:
    • Tools or technology,
    • Services,
    • Resources needed for developing the instructional gaming material.

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