Discussion forum on chapter exercieses


David, Fred R. & David, Forest R. (2017). Strategic Management: A competitive advantage approach, 16th. Pearson

 Chapters 3 “The External Assessment”

 Chapter 4 “The Internal Assessment.”  

This week’s reading assignment included coverage of Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model.  Conduct a Porter’s Fiver Forces Model analysis on Hershey (Total 2 full pages or 600-word minimum requirement).  

After Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model one page assignment then go to the end of Chapter 4 and do Exercise 4C “Perform a Financial Ratio Analysis for Hershey Company” Step 1.  After conducting the Five Forces analysis on Hershey, and after completing the financial ratio analysis (one page or 300 words minimum). As a class, refine the Five Forces analysis and the financial ratio analysis so that they are acceptable for Hershey. 

APA format one inch margin


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