Discussion board and annotated biblography

 Discussion Board

After reading the assigned Bible passages, synthesize these passages into a response to the following question: What is the responsibility of Christians with regards to economic development, leadership within the community, and the mandates of the Gospel?


James 1:26-27,,,Proverbs 29:7,,,,Malachi 3:6-12,,,,,Matthew 6,,,Luke 6:35-36

Acts 5:1-11,,,,,,Acts 20:35,,,,,,Romans 12:13,,,,,,2Corinthians 8:2-5,,,,,,1 Timothy 6:18,,,,,,,,,1 John 3:17-18

Annotated Bibliography



Once the student completes Discussion Board forum #2- S.W.O.T Analysis based upon previously captured Public Administrator Generated Information (PAGI), the student will then begin smart action research. Smart research is research that is devoted to finding solutions to problems.   The scholarly resources and other pertinent data will be annotated. 


The student will take a clinical approach to economic development by first diagnosing the development problems; and, then by finding what can be done to minimize the scope and severity of the problem(s) identified.  Ultimately, this information assembled in the Annotated Bibliography will be reviewed in preparation of a report suitable for public sector decision makers and other stakeholders. 


The student will be expected to submit an Annotated Bibliography presenting sources that provide the academic and research support for the Economic Development Analysis with Action Plan – Case Study Project Part II. Students must annotate a minimum of 25 sources. Sources can include the various journal articles as well as scholarly and professional sources. .  


Keeping in mind that the goal of the Annotated Bibliography assignment will be to document literature pertaining to best practices for addressing various areas of concern for economic development, most specifically focusing on the items uncovered during the S.W.O.T. analysis assignment, the Annotated Bibliography serves as a recordkeeping system for the “fact-finding,” “smart research”  the student conducts.  The process of developing the Annotated Bibliography will replicate the type of strategic research activity required of consultants.  The result of this assignment will be the identification of documented approaches that worked in comparable locations, strategies that might rightly be applied to the chosen jurisdiction.  The most feasible of those prospects documented in the Annotated Bibliography should inform the Action Plan for Case Study Project Part 2. 


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