Discussion 6 – eyes which do not see ii. airplane

 Read the following pages in Towards A New Architecture: (105-128)  and resp’ond to one (1) of the following prompts (A, B) in 100 – 150 words. (pg,1 starts in PDF. 24)


A.   In the subsection titled “Let Us State the Problem”, Corbusier lists a number of “fundamental axioms”. Discuss one of these elements which he feels has yet to be innovated beyond its’ contemporary state. Do you agree or disagree with his analysis?  

B.    At the beginning of this section, Corbusier refers to “The War” as an insatiable ‘client’. What war might he be referring to? Why would he refer to a war as a ‘client’? Discuss his analysis of the impact of war time was on the architect versus the engineer. 

PDF link: https://monoskop.org/images/b/bf/Corbusier_Le_Towards_a_New_Architecture_no_OCR.pdf

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