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Discussion 5: Green Computing

I confess that I have a strong environmental, conservationist streak in me. Maybe it is the Boy Scout thing. But I also work in a world where sentiments vary, scientific sophistication is spotty, and profits speak louder than compassion. Having said, the CIO can take steps to implement solutions that reduce his organization’s carbon footprint. And I do not mean to outsource so that some other company has to worry about it: my conscience is clean. Solutions for green have to be cost-effective and have a RoI greater than the five year depreciation of the capital investment. Discuss the barriers to green and the opportunities to green this week that are within the CIO’s sphere of influence.

The video I uploaded is a presentation at the Wharton School (U of PA) on an emerging technology to capture CO2 from the atmosphere and re-purpose it. It is not directly a CIO-IT discussion but I include it to give you the idea that sometimes emerging technologies offer promise over a jump on the bandwagon for a lesser technology does. It is called an opportunity cost. I also like for you to hear his approach to problem solving.

As I researched this week’s problem I found a wealth of material 2010 and earlier. Often it was simply out of date. Sometimes I found material that is most likely already a part of your understanding of carbon foot prints. Like New York City will be under water within 50 years and goodbye Florida.

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