Discuss Size And Sophistication Of The CONTRACT Security Industry Law Homework Help

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Discuss Size and Sophistication of the CONTRACT Security Industry

After completing Chapters 1-3, and then reviewing the Security Industry websites, please comment on your impressions of the size, scope and sophistication of the security services industry

Were you surprised at what you saw and read?

What does this review tell you about career opportunities?

name of the book: Introduction to Security, Fischer, Halibozek, and Walters – 9th Edition

www.securitas.com (Look at “About us” and “Our Offering”)

Note that Securitas absorbed Burns, Pinkerton, and First Security Services etc.

www.aus.com (Largest US based guard company) Now Allied Universal – Recent Merger

https://youtu.be/kEEl68Z3_DA .

www.ussecurityassociates.com National Company with strong Boston Operation

http://www.longwoodsecurity.com/ Medium sized Local Company

www.adt.com (scroll to bottom – hit “About us” link)

www.americanalarm.com (New England based)

www.gardaglobal.com (Canadian based – Guards, Armored cars, etc.)

www.andrewsinternational.com (Purchased Garda’s US Operations – now a US Security Associates Co)

www.brinks.com (Expanded beyond armored cars – see “Our Company” – “History”)

www.kroll.com (Global Investigations and Risk Management firm)

www.creativeservices.com (Major background check provider – Mansfield based)

www.lpinnovations.com (Serving the retail industry with Loss Prevention services)

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