Disaster simulation | Sociology homework help

Scenario 1 – The National Weather Service has issued a severe thunderstorm watch for the following areas: Disaster County, Bobsville, and surrounding areas until 2100. “Atmospheric Conditions are favorable for the development of severe thunderstorms (i.e. – producing hail at least 1″ in diameter and/or 50 knots (58 MPH) or greater wind speeds.” “Please prepare for the storms and any subsequent watches or warnings that will be issued.”

  1. What do you do? (Role Specific)
  2. What role did you play?
  3. What actions did you initiate (provide a minimum of 3)?
  4. Were there any obstacles presented?
  5. What was the outcome of your actions?
  6. How does this contribute to the overall preparedness/response effort?


Must watch –  Damon’s 5 p.m. severe weather forecast – YouTube  

 untitled (fema.gov) 

 untitled (fema.gov) 

 National Response Framework (fema.gov) 

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