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For hi-tech- (I may need help on broker) create a pro forma cash flow budget for the organization for five years – 2010 -2014.

Express all data in yearly format (not quarterly or monthly)

b.    Create three sections Operating, Investing and Financing 

i.    create line items within each section that relate to each of these sections.

ii.    Show inflows as a positive value and outflows as a negative value

                                       iii.    At the bottom, show change in cash (sum of operating, investing and financing), beginning and ending cash.

Please reference Chapter 24 materials. Read and understand the entire chapter. Be sure and pay particular attention to the information contained in the following sections:

a) 24-1The Financial Plan

b) 24.2 Cash Budgeting (Note this table illustrates three columns–current, forecast and change, you will forecasting five years of data, so total of six columns- current and years 2010 – 2014)

Note Table 24-1 illustrates the operating section of the Cash Budget. This table appears on pp 708.

For the line items “capital expenditure” and “mortgage payment” create a separate section in your cash budget for Investing and Financing respectively and include these and any other relevant cash flows in these two sections.

c) 24.3 Pro Forma Financial Statements

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