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Assignment details:

This assignment should be the final outcome of a semester’s worth of thinking critically about various issues regarding Othering within Western culture, in relation to modern times. Your task is to: Find a relevant and contemporary example of a specific theme, argument, or issue from any of the texts covered in order to demonstrate the continued relevance of the text and the points raised within it. Some of the other broader philosophical elements we have covered this semester should be included in your research: logical fallacies, the symbolic meaning of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, Relativism (cultural or subjective), Cognitive Dissonance, etc. In order to expand upon the point, theme, or argument you have chosen, you will need to use at least 2-3 additional sources, besides your chosen text

Topic for the Paper:

One of the more impactful books on my life that we have read this course is White Rage by Carol Anderson. Even though we have just started reading I feel as if the history that is being revealed in this book is very personal to me due to racial background. Not only is Racism one attribute that I want to focus on within this paper, but also the aspect of “Othering”. Carol Anderson, Ph.D. takes on the realistic view of American history as she tries to uncover the truth of who’s rage is truly at work and how white rage makes sure to alienate and oppress those of Black/African (as they were not American citizens yet) heritage.

Paper rubric:

1” margins, 12 pt font, Times New Roman

Single spaced heading, double spaced body, no cover page is necessary

Length: As long as it needs to be, but no shorter than 4 full pgs.

MLA Citations (in-text and Citations page)

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