Different crises | Psychology homework help

Development through the life span is a long journey, and too often, we forget to notice the connections from one point in development to another. For instance, how stable is personality over time and across situations?

Some researchers suggest that personality traits identified early in life can be used to predict behaviors. Others indicated that personality characteristics change as a result of relationships and experiences. At the same time, the way we adapt to aging may also influence personality development.

One of the most influential theories of socioemotional development comes from Erik Erikson (1902–1994). According to Erikson, human development is marked by eight psychosocial stages (Table 3, p. 3.6 in your webtext). Each of these stages is characterized by a developmental task or an emotional crisis that must be handled successfully to allow healthy psychological growth.

Describe the types of crises that infants, children, teenagers, young adults, middle-age and older individuals face using Erikson’s socioemotional development stages.

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