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Introduction to the Activity

Change is challenging. It is safe to say, that most individuals have strong mental and emotional reactions to change initiatives. Leaders are responsible for starting the process in a way that creates a foundation for success. This requires knowledge, skill, and ability focused on the effective management of the change process. Developing the knowledge, skill, and ability to successfully address change, we must start by evaluating our past experiences with change to identify why they have failed.

Instruction to Learners

For this discussion, write a 5 paragraph response that addresses the following:

  • Choose a change initiative that failed from your current working environment or a recent working environment and briefly describe the trigger for the change.
  • Describe the main type of change as incremental or discontinuous. Is the organization’s typical response to change reactive or proactive? Did your organization follow their typical response to change? Why or why not?
  • Make a note of the indicators that you believe were used to assess whether or not your organization–and your department or unit within the organization–is effective in relationship to this change initiative.
  • Using material in Exercise 7.1 on page 125 (Hayes), identify the information used to assess the current state of your organization before the change was initiated. What information do you think should have been assessed that wasn’t and why?
  • Using the Leader-Member Exchange Model and the LMX 7 Questionnaire on page 180 (Northouse), describe your leader’s relationships and the positive and negative effect on this change initiative. Using the material in this module, describe why the initiative ultimately failed.
  • Respond to your peer’s evaluation of their change initiative. If you were asked to evaluate the change initiative, what questions would you need answered?

[MO 1.1, 1.2, & 1.3]

One of the considerations when participating in course discussions is to keep an open mind and be appreciative of the fact that we don’t all share the same perspective. The discussion forums are an opportunity to apply what you are learning to situations that are relevant in your current working environments. Use this opportunity to learn more about your current working environment and how others deal with similar situations in their working environments. Part of your job in this course is to show not only what you know about the theory, but also more importantly how you can apply it to the situations we are discussing. This holds true in the discussions that ask for personal experience. In fact, being able to see the connections your personal experience has to theory truly highlights your increased learning in the course. Keep this in mind as you write your original responses and as you respond to other learner’s posts.

Your responses to the discussion questions should relate the assigned readings and viewings to the discussion topic and should not consist only of personal opinion. Your opinion is important to the discussion, but it is important that you add connections to the material to support your views. Without a foundation in the literature, your opinion has little professional value. For example, “Based on Trevino and Nelson’s stance that cultural relativism creates an environment where unethical behavior is justified through the cultural discourse (year, P#), the discussion should center around……” This type of statement allows you to connect your views to the literature. This is possible even when you are providing personal examples.

Further Instructions on Discussion Forum (DF) 1: Please read before responding

 This is where I will be  giving you further instructions on the various discussion forum (DF) questions.  

In this case, please structure your answer in 5 paragraphs.  Paragraph One should be a brief description of your organization (or the one you will be studying) and your position within that organization.

Paragraph Two should cover the first 3 points in the assignment.  Be sure to answer all sections of the questions.

Paragraph Three should answer the next question referring to Exercise 7.1 in the Hayes text.

Paragraph 4 should answer the LMX question.

Paragraph 5 should sum up with you describing why the initiative (in your opinion) ultimately failed.  

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