Develop an organizational change proposal

As you are aware, the health care field is continually evolving to meet the demand of consumers. With this comes organizational change. Change in any field can be difficult if not executed properly.

For this assignment, assume the following:

You are the Director of Regional Health, a small physician practice.

Regional Health is located in Williston, North Dakota, with a population ≈ 25,500 (U.S. Census, 2017).

You have conducted a survey and found that consumers would prefer a patient-centered organization.

Most of the consumers at Regional Health are between the ages of 50 – 75.

Develop an Organizational Change Proposal that will outline how the organization will meet the demand of the current consumers. Include the following in your 2- to 3-page proposal:

Project goal

Project Work Plan – 3 Phases

Organizational Assessment and Development Planning: In this phase, detail organizational history, new products and services, and key areas of change.

Plan for Strategic Change: In this phase, outline how the organization will change to meet the needs of the consumer.

Action Plan and Deliverables: In this phase, outline an action plan for the change and how/when it should be delivered.

Organizational Change Proposal example:

Authenticity Consulting (n.d.) Field guide to consulting and organizational development. Retrieved from:

Be detailed, specific, and creative with your proposal. Include in your proposal any Organizational Theories that you feel would be beneficial.

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