Deliverable 7 – persuasive research paper



This deliverable will allow you to demonstrate all skills you have learned throughout this course. You will have to demonstrate your ability to perform research, use APA citation appropriately, communicate using proper English, and use the steps of writing to create a successful persuasive research paper.


In this deliverable you will be creating a persuasive research paper on the topic, “Should people who illegally download music and movies be punished?”

Remember that this is the topic, and not your thesis statement. You will work with this topic to narrow it down to develop your own thesis statement and principles of development.

Your Deliverable will be a .zip file which consists of the following items:

  1. Evidence of your use of the writing process to discover your position about the above topic and develop a thesis statement. This word document should breakdown how you used all six steps in developing your paper (discovery, planning, drafting, collaboration, revision, and publication).
  2. Your final draft of your persuasive research paper should include the following requirements:
    1. Use of proper APA citations and Reference Page.
    2. Introduction and conclusion paragraphs with at least 5 body paragraphs in between.
    3. Use of formal professional English in the paper.
    4. Use a minimum of 3 current research resources from credible sources.
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