Deliverable 1 (1.5 points) – selection of the personality and

This project requires you to create a two-page static website. You need to develop a personal website of a famous personality (actor, music artist, sportsman, educator, or entrepreneur) of your choice. A Wikipedia page of that person should provide you with enough (usually more than enough) information that you can use to create your website (for example, (Links to an external site.)). On page one (or home page) of the website, you need to showcase the biographic information. On page two, you need to focus on major works and achievements. Do not use all the information from the wiki, rather choose what information to use to support your design. The website must look and feel modern, and page one and page two should be linked to each other. The project will be 10% of the entire course.

Tools to be Used

HTML and CSS (Week 1 to Week 7)

  • Deliverable 1 (1.5 points) – Selection of the Personality and Preliminary Wireframes (be ambitious with the wireframe at first, have a look into chapters 15 and 17 of Book 1 for what can we achieve using simple HTML and CSS). The preliminary wireframes can be submitted as scanned photos of hand-written wireframes, word file containing the wireframes, or any other electronic files you feel suitable to use.

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