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This assignment comes from chapters 11 and 12 of textbook Dean J. Champion 2012.Juvenile Justice System, The: Delinquency, Processing, and theLaw 7th ed

Deliverable Length: 4 pages

Answer Four Questions: (Two from each chapter)

Chapter 11: Juvenile Probation and Community-Based Corrections

1. Define standard probation for juvenile offenders. What are some of its characteristics? What are of the conditions of standard probation?

2. What are juvenile probation camps? What is meant by intensive aftercare? Are such alternative sanctions effective at reducing recidivism? Why, or why not?

3. What are intermediate punishment programs? How do intermediate punishment differ from standard probation? What are some goals of intermediate punishment?

4. What are four types of caseload models? Describe each.

Chapter 12: Juvenile Corrections: Custodial Sanctions and Aftercare

5. List and define four major goals of juvenile corrections. How effectively are these goals achieved?

6. What are foster homes? What types of juveniles are usually serviced by foster homes?

7. Distinguish between group homes and halfway houses. What types of juveniles are served by each?

8. What is the wilderness experiences? What are their functions?

9.. Describe the parole revocation process for juveniles. Identify and describe three landmark cases that have influenced probation/parole revocation for both adult and juvenile offenders.

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