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*Unit 5 DB: Insuring the Moment (FIN401 Insurance & Risk Management)

Jan is 75 years old when she decides to get a life insurance policy to protect against her financial risks. Currently, Jan has outstanding credit card bills, a mortgage on her home, is the primary on her two children’s student loans, and has traditional monthly expenses. Jan is considering the different types of life insurance policies that may be appropriate for her. However, Jan is not in the best of health given her age and is afraid that she may be rejected as a result. Jan turns to you for help in making the decision whether to purchase life insurance or not.

  1. What advice would you give Jan for purchasing a life insurance policy that is appropriate for her?
  2. Jan decides to purchase the type of policy you suggested in response to “A” above, with a policy value of $950,000. However, Jan does not disclose all her medical conditions to the insurance carrier during the application process. Four (4) months after purchasing the policy, Jan misread her prescription medication label and consumes more than the recommended dosage. As a result, she enters a 6-month coma and subsequently dies. Kimberly, a beneficiary under her policy, seeks to recover from the policy. Will Kimberly be able to collect from Jan’s life insurance policy      after submitting a claim?

*DB5.1: Contingency Plan (CRJ104 Introduction to Security)

What are the key elements of any contingency plan?

*DB5.2: OSHA (CRJ104 Introduction to Security)

What is OSHA and what effect has it had on company safety operations?

*DB5.3: Employee Dishonesty (CRJ104 Introduction to Security)

What are some of the common danger signals of employee dishonesty?

*Unit 5 DB: Measurements in your Work, School, or Organizational Affiliate (BUS211 Baldrige Principles & Introduction to Quality Standards)

What has your experience with measurements in your work, school, or organizational affiliate been like? Which are most useful?  Which are least useful?  Why do you feel this way?  Give some concrete examples to support your answers.

*Unit 5 DB: GDP (ECO201 Macroeconomics)

In a narrative presentation, in your own words, start with an introduction that tells why GDP is an economic indicator and why we need to use it as a measure of the health of an economy.  Do not list a definition from your research. Do not list bullet points. Footnote your research.

Then in a separate paragraph explain why a large GDP is a good thing for the economy and society. Tell your audience what a large GDP should mean to an economy, a society.

Give an example of something that would increase GDP but would be considered undesirable and explain why.

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