Database discussion response | Computer Science homework help

 Please respond to the following discussion below with 150 words or more relating to relational algebra and its relation to SQL. 

From what I have researched, relational algebra is one of a few  different collections of mathematical formulas to manipulate data in a  relation or table. It is a procedural query language that uses relation  instances for input and relation occurrences for output (AskingLot,  2020). It is the formal description of how a database operates and a  means to interface with it to manipulate and utilize raw data (Russell,  2016). Basic relational algebra operators are select, project, union,  set difference, and Cartesian product.

SQL is the query language that is essentially the front end user  interface built upon relational algebra. Relational algebra and  relational calculus together form the base for the SQL language  (AskingLot, 2020). SQL operator inputs are translated to relational  algebra before being applied to the relation. Some basic syntax  operators for SQL are select, insert, delete, update, and create.

Examples of the differences in syntax are below:


SELECT *attribute* FROM *table/relation/s* WHERE *condition to be met*

Relational Algebra:

PROJECT *attribute* (SELECT *condition to be met* (table/relation))


π *attribute* (σ *condition to be met* (table/relation))

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