Data communications and networking problems

Data Communications and Networking Problems PLEASE READ FIRST: Hello. Below are problems that need to be fully solved. Please answer each of the questions asked to the fullest ability with as much information as possible. Show ALL work, such as equations and numbers for problems that require calculations. Please make sure to type everything out, DO NOT have anything handwritten in documents, please. Do not leave any questions blank when returning the work. Please make sure you do them all to the fullest and write the answers to the questions directly below. I need this assignement by 1/23/2015 at 12 PM and NO later! If you have any questions please ask them as soon as possible. Thank you! 1. Answer these questions: a) Is the frequency domain plot of a voice signal discrete or continuous ? b) A signal has a continuous frequency domain plot. Is it a periodic signal ? c) What is the phase shift of a sine wave with minimum amplitude after 1/8 cycle ? d) The highest frequency that people hear is around 18 kHz. The lowest is about 60 Hz. What is then the bandwidth of human hearing system ? Answer here: 2. Show the frequency domain of the following signal: s(t) = 1.242 + 2.4 sin 8??t + 3.1415 sin(18??t + ??/3) Answer here: 3. Draw the time domain representation (first 1/100 s) for the signal shown below in frequency domain: Answer here: 4. A radio channel has 10 MHz of bandwidth. What is the minimum SNR to achieve a data rate of 40 Mbps? Answer here: 5. A channel has a bandwidth of 4 MHz and signal to noise ratio of 63. The signal uses 64 levels. What is the maximum data rate achievable on this channel? (use both limits) Answer here: 6. What is the data rate on a channel if the transmission duration of a frame of 1250 kb takes 200 ms ? Answer here: 7. A TV channel has a bandwidth of 6 MHz. What is the number of signal levels if the data rate on the channel is 36 Mbps ? Answer here: 8. A signal passes through n cascaded amplifiers, each with a gain of GdB. What is the…

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