Dance homework….. due sunday….. please read first…..

this assignment is due on Sunday…… 2pm California time…… must have done by deadline……. Do the following: 

  Choose one of the following documentaries to watch covering our theme – Dance and Identity:

Dancing in Jaffa (available on Hulu, Netflix DVD, Youtube for rent and Google Play for rent) [documentary on ballroom dance]

Paris is Burning (Netflix, YouTube for free) *Note that this movie has nudity [documentary on voguing and the ball circuit]

A Good Man (Amazon Video for rent) [documentary on racism and slavery addressed in contemporary modern dance]

Rize (Free on Vudu, For rent on Google Play, Amazon Prime, YouTube, iTunes) [documentary on Krump and Clowning]

Each of these movies deal with different social issues so watch the trailers for each and decide which theme interests you the most.

3.) Please choose two themes that you believe are present in the film (Be sure to list these themes within your paper):

Dance’s Influence in Education

Dance’s Influence in Recreation and Health & Wellness

Dance as a Socio-Political Voice

Dance as a Social Unifier

You will write a (minimum) 3-paged paper (double-spaced, 12. font, 1″ margins all around) answering the following prompts:

1. What is the film about? Give a brief summary (No more than 10 sentences/one paragraph)

2. Write an argument for each theme you chose above. Explicitly state the theme and describe how the film supports two of the four themes. You must provide contextual evidence and analysis of the film to prove your themes are present in the film. Each theme should have at least 2 paragraphs dedicated to it (7-10 sentences per paragraph). 

3. How has this film influenced your view and appreciation of dance in society?


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