Currently about 80-90% of all search queries in the us start with



consider the following brands and discuss the extendibility of each: Audi, Whole Foods, Everlane, Wayfair, Duluth Trading Co.

Which product categories would be best for each of these brands? Would it be hard to extend some of these brands past their product category? Give me your ideas and analysis. Think beyond what they are already doing; be creative, but remember that profitability and the right associations are key.


Currently about 80-90% of all search queries in the US start with Google. And let’s be honest, we “google” and we don’t yahoo or bing something. Googling has now become synonymous with using a search engine. That being said, I’m interested to see what type of results you get from Google vs. Bing.

Conduct a Google search on a product, service, or company of your choice. What type of ads (paid search ads, product listing ads, etc) show up for the search result and where are they located? Make sure to check the top, bottom, and sides of the page as they might not always be located right at the top of the search results. Share what you find.

Now do a search for same word on and discuss those results. What’s the same and what’s the difference? Which results page do you prefer? Be specific and detailed. Include any interesting observations you find.

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