Cultural appreciation of appropriation | Sociology homework help

Read the Cultural Appreciation PowerPoint first and watch this video about Chicano Culture in Japan first before doing this discussion:

This article looks at how Chicano culture has become popular in Japan.

You can also find Chicano lowrider cars in the Korean group Big Bang’s “Bang, Bang, Bang” video:

Please answer the following questions:

1. What is cultural appreciation?

2.  What is cultural appropriation?

3. What is a main difference between the cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation? 

4. What are at least two examples of cultural APPROPRIATION? 

5. What are at least two examples of cultural APPRECIATION?

6. After watching the videos about Chicano car culture in Japan and Korea, do you believe these lowrider fans are showing cultural appreciation? Or are they showing cultural appropriation? Explain the reason you chose your answer.

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