Crj 105 discussion question week 7 | CRJ 105 – Crime and Criminal Behavior | Strayer University

White-Collar Crime and Reflection

Welcome to Week 7! Remember to click on the +Pin and write 100 words or more while answering the question for 10 points. Respond to three or more classmates with 30 words or more with a substantial and thought provoking response that adds to the discussion for the remaining 10 points. Additional responses are always appreciated and encouraged. Please use you own words. Do not cut and paste from the Internet. Thanks!

This week, we are reading chapter 11 and discussing White Collar Crime. White Collar Crime was first introduced in the social sciences by Edwin Sutherland in a 1939 presidential address to the American Sociological Association. Defining white collar crime as a crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation, his address was important in that it was the first major statement on white collar crime in academic criminology.

  1. If white collar crimes are economically the most costly crimes to society, why are such acts seldom punished? Please list and explain three reasons in detail.
  2. Summarize the Savings and Loan Scandal. How was it possible for what has been described as the greatest series of white collar crimes in American history to take place, and why was the American public unaware of this?

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