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Quantitative Research  Critique – Assignment Objectives

  • Critique study objectives, questions, and hypotheses in research reports.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of methods to gather and organize information for a study.
  • Identify research problems generated from the practice setting.
  • Critique research problems and the purpose for a study.
  • Critique literature reviews for relevance, currency, and multidisciplinary sources.

Quantitative Research Critique – Assignment Directions

  1. Review Polit & Beck (2020),  Box 5.3 – Guide to a Focused Critical Appraisal of Evidence Quality in a Quantitative Research Report, to assist you in analyzing one of two articles listed down below.
  2. Use the rubric below to guide your analysis by providing a 1-3 sentence answer to each question.
  3. Address each component using the content from the article when furnishing your rationale. 
    • If a research component is not addressed in the article, you must explain whether or not this is justified. 
  4. Be sure to  meet the following criteria:
    • APA 7th edition professional paper formatting
    • Include both an introduction, abstract, and a conclusion
    • 7-page limit, excluding title and reference pages

Please Remember to  Write in Active Voice

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