Critical analysis essay, 5 pages. please read first !

Hi there!  Please note that I’m looking for someone who is truly proficient in writing. I’m perfectly capable of doing this paper by myself, but time is pushing me so I’d rather use your help.  I will rate your work with 5 stars only if it clearly follows the instructions attached. Please, NO awkward writing and bad grammar. Be clear and concise and run your work at before submitting it here. (reflect on your critical and advanced issues). This should be like a walk in the park for those truly proficient in academic style of writing.  Last but least, the paper should be free of any plagiarism and pass Turnitin. This is a Mythology class so the focus of this analysis should follow the nature of it. I will “handshake” with someone at 7 p.m. Mountain Time (MT) as I’ll be away from my computer. Down payment will be made immediately. Thanks for your help! 



Whoever succeeds in this essay, will be given 4 Discussion posts, another essay and probably a lot more to come in near future! 




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