Create your schedule | CMIT 326 | University of Maryland Baltimore


Input all the due dates into a planner. Then break down your daily activities, giving yourself two tasks to complete during each study session. Work ahead whenever you can.

—Brianna C., Environmental Management major 

Whether you’re a first-time university student or returning to school after taking a break, it is important to set aside time to study and engage in your learning. And with the flexibility and autonomy that comes with being an online student, it is critical to schedule time to regularly access the virtual classroom, interact with your peers and instructor, study the course materials, and stay on top of the due dates for discussions, projects, and assignments. 

As an online university student, you’ll encounter and receive advice on a variety of tools and tactics to help you succeed as a learner in the online classroom. For this activity, we’ll focus on three effective tactics to support learning: time management strategies, schedules, and note taking. First, you’ll read about ways to manage your time, ideas for creating a schedule, time management do’s and don’ts, and note taking methods. Once you’ve finished the readings, you will devise a schedule. 

The tasks for completing this activity are as follows:

Using your syllabus for PACE 111 and any other class you are enrolled in this semester, create a schedule for the next four weeks.   

When you’re creating your schedule, remember to incorporate time for reading, coursework, and assignments as outlined in your syllabus. Also factor in time for dealing with daily life occurrences such as work, cleaning, childcare, and so on. Take the time to include details so that you don’t forget any of your tasks.

You’ll also want to list two or three concrete steps you can take to incorporate school more fully into your schedule. Try to get support from your partner, children, friends, your community, or professional services to take on some of your obligations outside of school, such as cooking or watching the kids. That way you will have more time in your schedule to devote to your studies. 

If you do not already keep a detailed schedule, you may use the attached calendar template to build on. If you do already keep a detailed schedule, you may provide a copy of that instead (be sure to include four full weeks and the concrete steps you’ll take to incorporate school into your life). You may find Tips for Organizing Your Planner helpful.

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