Create an infographic for humanities class

   **an infographic is a visual representation of information. Infographics often combine both imagery and text to tell a story or express an opinion.  


For this discussion, you will begin by selecting an Ancient   Egyptian painting or sculpture from Chapter 3 of your textbook that exemplifies the culture’s stylistic conventions. Then, you will create an infographic that describes in detail what thematic and  formal qualities define this style. 



Your infographic should contain 200 words as  well an image of the artwork you have selected (please see resource file   below). You will also need to include appropriate citation text for your   chosen art piece.

· As you create your infographic, work towards a   balance between text, images, and other graphics (icons, etc.) to   avoid overpowering your written text.

the images is in the file attached along with chapter information. project needs to be in powerpoint or piktochart samples of infographic can be found here

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