Create a powerpoint presentation highlighting one of the


Create a PowerPoint Presentation highlighting one of the racial/ethnic groups discussed in this course (You can wait to complete next week’s readings if you want to expand your options). Your presentation should address the following:

  1. Explore the history of their race relations within the dominant culture.
  2. Explain the present day status of that cohort in American society. What aspects are most challenging for them and why?
  3. What would need to happen to repair race/ethnic relations between this group and the dominant culture in America?

Presentations must meet the following:

  • 7 slide minimum (Cover slide does not count in this total)
  • 100 words minimum per slide
  • 3 quote minimum from the reading (cite using APA/MLA format)
  • Reference/Work Cited Slide (last slide, in APA/MLA format, not counted as one of the 7 mentioned above)

Links to the readings below:

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