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You are working for a large country club. This country club wants to keep a database on its members and their guests. For each member, the club keeps mail and telephone contact information, name, and membership number. When you join this club, you can join as a social member (which allows you two rounds of golf a year as well as privileges to the swimming pool and weight room), a tennis member (which allows you all the privileges of a social member as well as use of the tennis courts and four rounds of golf), or a golfing member (which allows you all the privileges of a tennis member and unlimited use of the golf course). This database needs to track how often a member (who has limited use of the golf course; all golfing members have unlimited use of the golf course) has used the golf course, and how many guests any and each member has brought to the club. All members have guest privileges. The club also wants to attract new members by mailing to all those who came to the club as guests and live in the state. The mailing includes information about their visits (i.e., date of visit and which member was their host for each visit). Once a person becomes a member of any type, information about them as guests is no longer important to retain. Develop an EER diagram for this situation.

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