Consider how you interpret or understand these images somewhat


  • Academic level: Undergraduate (1st and 2nd year)
  • Word count: 900 words excluding references
  • Course name: ENGLIT0354 Words and Images
  • Citation style: Other (add to details)
  • Number of sources: 0
  • Project Title/Topic:

Course Reflection

  • Paper details/Instructions:

Dear writer,

Instructions: Prepare for writing your course reflection by reviewing the two video clips and three images of Wiccan paintings posted on our Blackboard shell this week.

  1. Consider how you interpret or understand these images somewhat differently after our work together this term.
  2. How has your understanding of portrayals like these changed over the course of the past twelve weeks?
  3. Do certain messages seem simplistic?
  4. Does one or more of these images convey a significant historical insight?
  5. How would you describe your understanding of some of the historical issues at stake in modern portrayals of witches now?

After considering a few of these questions, please describe the greatest insight you feel you’ve gained from any of the materials we’ve read or activities we’ve completed this term. You might consider course content or learning and writing goals.


  1. Here is a video from the British “Horrible Histories” TV series. Theclip features a recurring character, the Witchfinder General, who is basedon a real person from seventeenth-century British history, the infamousMatthew Hopkins. link:
  2. The second video clip,Monty Python Witch “Trial” Scene (3:57) link:
  3. Please examine the three images attached. These are paintings featuring modern images of witches. They are also accessible on the site Painting Valley, under the heading Wiccan Art.
  4. Course syllabus is attached, and I will send you some course materials later.


  1. You need to complete this task in strict accordance with the detailed Requirements/Guidelines.
  2. Must be original works, to prohibit any copying or plagiarism.
  3. If you have any question on this task, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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