Concept photos & concept statement assignment

Project: Concept Photos & Concept Statement Assignment 

Concept Photos – Visit your local library or research online and review and select images from books or websites that inspire your creativity for the design of a Bedroom/Bathroom Project. These images will be used to reference color, texture, etc. Do not use books or research on “Interior Design” spaces that have been photographed. You are looking for art, architecture, nature, etc. that inspires you. There is beauty all around us! Be unique and creative! You should procure a minimum of 3 books/websites for reference. • Concept Statement – Refer to the lecture and guidelines on building a concept statement with the programming phase in mind and write your own design concept. Remember the Programming phase is where we review the requirements of the project – the space, furniture, equipment needs.  You will include that in the beginning of your statement.• Use “broad” or general statements for your concept – on what the end result may “feel” like. Try to not be so literal with your explanations but, use statements that reference your concept photos. Concept statements should be more than 5 sentences.• Use the “WHAT, WHY & HOW” method as discussed in class.  

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