Computer science final year project asap

Hello there,


I’m looking for a computer science guru who has a very sound undertanding of datamining, data warehousing, and cloud computing concepts. I need help with my final year project which is a Home Appraisal System that will be able to use available data from MLS (Multiple Listing Service) to compute, validate, and evaluate the current price of a home in a particular area. This is going to be a web application and it should be similar in looks and functionality to other home appraisal websites like, or

I have the proposal already written and approved by my school’s computer science department, so you have no problem in understanding exactly what i need. Again, this is a final year project and i really need a good work to be done. I’m going to be very picky on who I select to work with because I was disappointed by the previous person I chose to help me.