Computability and comlexity | Computer Science homework help

Hi there,
I am a graduate student, and I have a computability and complexity class which my Prof. asked the class to do term project.
So, who has a high level expert in this field to provide me an initial proposal and implement it for me exactly and provide me presentation and final report and explain it for me.
Please if you are not expert in this field do not contact me.
Here is link to our textbook which our prof. highly expected us to pick a project idea from this book:
(He told us that we can pick problems from the textbook appendix)
Example for project idea:
1. Picking 3 algorithms they do same works.
2. Evaluate them and Analyze them in terms of many parameters related to this course, such as time and space comlexity.
3. Finding which one is better.
I am looking for a graduate level work, and if you provide now a great work i will recommend you to a lot of my friend gonna take this next term.
What I need now are:
1. Very strong proposal which must follow IEEE standard.
2. Resources well cited and also cited in the main script.
3. I need it in 2 days at most.
after 3 weeks
4. Presentation of 50 slides with comments that explains each side.
5. Final report well written.
6. No plagiarism.

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